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Working Papers | John A. Knowles

Liberalization of Birth Control and the Unmarried Share of Births: Evidence from Single Mothers in the Marriage Market

Half of unmarried births are to women who are already mothers, and a quarter to women who were previously married. We develop a model of equilibrium matching and fertility to replicate these facts. We use the model to revisit the hypothesis that liberalization of the Pill and abortion caused….

Birth Control and the Rise in Female LFP: What Can We Learn from Women's Occupational Choices?

The rate at which young women enter managerial /professional occupations began to rise steadily in the early1960s, when oral contraceptives first became available in the US. The fact that young mothers are comparatively rare in these occupations …

Fertility Shocks and Equilibrium Marriage-Rate Dynamics: Lessons from World War 1 in France

Low sex ratios are often equated with unfavourable marriage prospects for women, but in France after World War 1, the marriage probability of single females rose 50%…..

The Decline of Shotgun Weddings: an equilibrium analysis

It is well known that the tendency of unmarried pregnant women to marry has declined precipitously since the 1960s. This has been attributed to the undermining by new birth-control technologies of…