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I am a macro-economist, trained at the University of Rochester (PhD, 1999) in Rochester, NY, USA. My speciality is dynamic modelling, as applied to family and labor issues. My most typical work is based on models of fertility and divorce, particularly in the context of marriage “markets”, but I have also published papers on racial profiling and child labor.

After grad school I was an assistant professor at the Economics department of the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, USA.. In 2008 I moved to England, where I was a professor in the Economics Division of the University of Southampton. I now work at the Economics Department at Simon Fraser University, just outside Vancouver, on Canada's west coast,

My current research includes:
  • Development of a marriage-matching model to analyse the dramatic trends in marriage and birth rates in Europe after the First World War
  • Integration of parents and children into marriage-matching models, to account for modern demographic patterns, such as single-parenthood, high rates of divorce and remarriage
  • Modelling of contraception and abortion choices, and the impact the related technologies have on the choice between casual and marriage-based sexual relationships.
  • Analysis of the impact of changes in access to contraception and abortion on women's career choices

Main Affiliation: Economics Department, SFU
Other Affiliations IZA and Centre for Population Change.